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Foto Daniel Mananta meremas payudara syahrini convey an apology towards the public for that circulation of photographs of exciting Syahrini involving Daniel.

"To the city, friends, and all sorts of who support me, I am sorry with this misunderstanding. What's certain within the photograph I have not done improperly. I didn't touch at the parts which should 't be touched," said Daniel in press conference in Grato Cafe, Cikini, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (18/05/2011).

Based on foto hot syahrini Daniel, the photos taken 3 years ago is at a restaurant in Surabaya, is really a fun photo. Daniel deliberately stylish touches like breast gokil singer from Bogor. Recognized former MTV VJ, his hands were large. As the body of cute little Syahrini so impressed with Daniel's hand squeezing chest Syahrini.

"We joined and our photos. Photos hot which i dare to promise (oath) was angelnya, my hands are large and small Syahrini body. The hand I truly look fit. I dare to promise (oath) I don't touch any kind or chest Syahrini, "Daniel said, raising his fingers to create the symbol 'V'.

Daniel mananta foto hot Syahrini exciting since there are several Foto syur  Daniel  Syahrini together with his hands as though squeezing breasts poses