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Julia Perez,, who does not know the artist of this section .. may be almost the same with the family azhari yes, life is not far from the gossip - gossip about the photos - photos syurnya often circulated in cyberspace. Jupe is a familiar call penyanayi dangdut, models, soap opera player, and presenter Indonesia. Because of her sexy look Jupe in the end she was dubbed the "sex bomb". Early Career Julia perez, began his career in the French jupe, acquaintance with the male model Damien Peren (Yusuf Perez) took as a model for FHM and Maxim in french .. with his appearance in FHM and Maxim jupe finally get nominated version of the sexiest women 100 FHM and Maxim magazine ..

In the year 2002 - 2003 recognized the name when playing jupe several soap operas and television movie titles including the location of Love, Out Tonight, Forgive Me, Sweet Dreams, Women persecuted, and many others.

In the year 2006 the exact date of October 5 "The Indonesian Chess Association (PERCASI) raised Julia Perez as its icon is marked with the holding of the tournament" Julia Perez Rapid Open Chess Tournament "in Piramyd BPG building. Besides Sinetron Playing Jupe also played in several feature films including Virgin Alas So, children in Bury, and The Shaman.In the year 2007, exactly in August Jupe Being football announcer at the game between Liverpool and PSS Sleman in Lebak Bulus Stadium. Jupe said to be a presenter for the treatment of a sense of her husband kangennya Perez Demian Indonesia because many football players that handsome-looking and a lot of Caucasians. In the year 2008, not satisfied with the world and the role modeling jupe finally plunged into the world even pull the sound by launching a debut album entitled "KAMASUTRA" with bonus condom. Terjunnya jupe pull into the world music sound especially dangdut not exclusively - the eyes only just moral hazard, jupe previously been equipping itself with vocal lessons and of course with the shake - shake flagship named "shake blender". Besides, he succeeded in becoming the first champion of music event held by the quiz is "Celebrities Suddenly Dangdut" ... Not only was due to condoms and berbonus photos - pictures in an album that is considered inviting a lot of passion that its impact terhada his gig bans in some areas such as Nusa Tenggara Barat, Riau, Palembang, Balikpapan and Bengkulu.

"A Private Life of Julia Perez"

Julia Perez artist Sunda-Betawi descent, married a model from france Damien Peres on October 7, 2002 was even old married but still not having children .. in the year 2007 Jupe got pregnant, but just could not bear to have a miscarriage Jupe in that year. . when pressed by many media about momongan, Jupe claimed was delayed for a reason ingine momongan more concentrated on his career, "Controversy A Julia Perez"

Because of frequent wearing sexy clothes and sexy poses, resulting in frequent jupe banned singing career. Seprofesinya partner of Dewi Persik, Annisa Bahar, Inul daratista Uut Permatasari, Trio Macan, Ira Swara and Nita Thalia, they were all banned by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in South Sumatra.
Kamasutra titled album and it was berbonus reap Condom controversy in many circles to n result in the return gig bans in some areas such as West Nusa Tenggara and Balikpapan. Minister of Women Empowerment Meutia thereupon declared that such actions can be interpreted as support for sex until it just bebas.Tidak controversy jupe, Jupe also been suspected of having breast enlargement (wawww) but Julia perez gossi it was dismissed, because of the name Julia Rahmawati as patients in a clinic in one area of Mega Overcast, Bogor. Who allegedly opened prakte breast enlargement ...

Eitt. Not finished controversy, bans and other breast pembearan gossip, photos - photos jupe became sexually arousing controversy. Beginning with the spread over the Internet, a collection of photographs - photos surnya spread widely. Because jupe any problems reported to the authorities on March 6, 2007, but on March 21, 2007 the lawsuit was dropped because his business would not go on - late. It ended because the three photographers who took pictures - pictures jupe exciting apologize to him. -BIODATA -
Full Name: Yuli Rachmawati
Call Name: Julia Perez
Date / Date of Birth: Jakarta, June 15, 1980
Husband Name: Damien Perez (Yusuf Perez)
Zodiac: Gemini
Hobbies: Photography
Favorite movie: Scarface
Favorite Music: Bevonce, J-lo
Favorite TV Show: Friends, Sex in the City

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Juli Rachmawati, also known as Julia Perez or Jupe (born July 15, 1980 in Jakarta) is Indonesian actress, dangdut singer, model and announcer. Her career started in France. His relationship with Damien Perez open her opportunity as model in FHM and Maxim magazine in France. Because of her performance in FHM and Maxim, Jupe was nominated as one of 100 most sexy girls. tattoo julia perez